Inspiration – returns as the current obsession ends.


Well it’s been a few of weeks since a blog post and this is due to a few things, but mainly an obsession I have with what ever I am looking directly at.

This kind of thing happens to me a lot. Obsession which caused my recent halt in things is the tv series ‘Sons of Anarchy’. OMG I got lost in this for weeks haha.

7 series of  10 to 13 episodes which last 50 minutes each, what a complete marathon.

I will review this shortly, but for now am happy to be back to reading a on medium again, and intend to finish 2 books I am currently reading.

Sword of shanarra by Terry Brooks.

Once gone by Blake pierce.

Also started watching a new series called river, which is about a man that sees people after death, and is a detective. This seems really good also, and may review later.

Have been sketching a bit to see how I can improve my drawing, and am thinking of attending  course next year on pencile drawing, creative writing, and grammar to help improve my basics.

So lots going on here, and I hope to update and write more really soon.




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